I have tried several Shiatsu practitioners and have found Mick Duncan to be one of the best. There is something very safe and reassuring about working with a therapist who is strong, gentle and good natured. He manages to combine a great depth of expertise with a deep quality of listening to his clients, and listening to their bodies as much as there words.     Alan Heeks Author


I just wanted to say how amazing i found the Shiatsu sessions were, that you gave me. It was the first time i had tried Shiatsu, but my back had been so painful i thought i would give it a go. I'm so glad that I did. It only took two sessions to feel pain free, which was fantastic. I will be recommending your services to other sufferers who need a professional, highly skilled practitioner. Thanks again. Yvonne Jay. Nurse.


 I experienced Mick as a highly skilled practitioner who practices with confidence and integrity. I have no hesitation in recommending Mick, he has a high level of competence and knowledge about the whole human being and demonstrates this in his sessions. Jo Connolly Addiction counsellor


Mick has helped me, both mentally and physically, with kindness as well as his excellent skills in Shiatsu. He is understanding, friendly and extremely knowledgable. After Shiatsu sessions i feel calmer and my joints feel supple. Everyone should experience a Shiatsu treatment. Jacqui Lawrence


In a Shiatsu session with Mick i always feel supported through his compassion, strength and humour. His capacity to be accepting and non-judgmental is fathomless.

My initial ongoing series of Shiatsu's with Mick about 5 years ago made my Fibro-myalgia label redundant. Since then a treatment or two, as and when needed, have never failed  to "put me back together" when life has torn me apart.  Sandy Barnaby Teacher and Shiatsu Practitioner
















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