MICK DUNCAN--- Movement Shiatsu

Tomas Neilsen an Austrian Shiatsu practitioner wrote that Shiatsu has the ability to bring you 'HOME'

That always feels true to me. Home is where the heart is, home is in the present moment. It's where healing can happen.

Movement Shiatsu does not say it has the answers. It says, here are some ideas about the way we are, lets see if we can find some answers together in the present moment.

It's about meeting you where you are and using Shiatsu touch as a way of doing this.

One of the hallmarks of Shiatsu touch is 'Still' pressure. In the type of Shiatsu i offer, dialogue is used to find where this 'Still' pressure is needed. Through careful dialogue the perfect place and depth or lightness of pressure is found. You set the level and obtain what you really need.

'Still' pressure has a way of bringing you home.

Movement is also important, but you define your own boundaries within this work too.

Essentially, i see that my work with Shiatsu involves supporting the body through a period of readjustment or realignment. I am an assistant to this, and bring some methods and a space for your self-knowledge or self-healing process to continue to happen.

Shiatsu is like shining a light by which the body can more easily see to do its own work.



On no account make a distinction between the Absolute and the sentient world. Whatever Consciousness is, so also are phenomena

Huang Po


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